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          The largest chemical annual conference - The 26th Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society was held in Nankai University

          The 26th Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society was held at Nankai University in Tianjin from July 13th to 16th, and it is the largest academic activities in the history of the Chinese Chemical Society. 31 academicians attended the conference, including over 2800 experts and scholars from home and abroad. Attendees made academic exchanges with the theme “chemistry and harmonious society". The conference was hosted by the Chinese Chemical Society and organized by Nankai University, co-organized by Tianjin Chemical Society, Tianjin Normal University and Tianjin Polytechnic University. Moreover, the American Chemical Society, the Royal Chemical Society, the German Chemical Society and other foreign academic organizations were invited to participate in this big event, more than 40 foreign guests included.

          The opening statements were made by the board chairman of the Chinese Chemical Society, the executive vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the president of the conference Chunli Bai. Moreover, Jinpei Cheng (the vice board chairman of the Chinese Chemical Society, Professor of Nankai University, executive chairman of the Conference) made the address. Besides, Changgen Feng (the secretary of the Chinese Association of the Science and Technology, the executive director of the Chinese Chemical Society), Zihe Rao (the president and academician of Nankai University), Bruce Burstent (the president of the American Chemical Society), and Richard Pike (the chief executive officer of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK) , and Peter G?litz (the representative of the German Chemical Society, editor of the German Journal of Applied Chemistry) made congratulations, respectively. Jiannian Yao (the deputy director of the National Natural Science Foundation and the general secretary of the Chinese Chemical Society) hosted this conference. The opening ceremony was held at Nankai University Stadium.

          It received numerous fervent attentions from the chemical industry colleagues, and received nearly 3,000 papers. Exchanges were made in the way of conference invited reports, branch invited reports, special reports and discussions, poster presentations, special academic forums and other forms, and many famous scholars from home and abroad were invited to make speeches, such as Kendall N. Houk, Astrid Gr?slund, Xi Zhang, Daoben Zhu, Song Gao, Licheng Song, Jun Long etc. There are 20 branches, such as green chemistry, environmental chemistry, applied chemistry, nano-chemistry, organic solid materials, chemical education etc. and forum of chemistry and society in this conference.


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