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          NKC-18 prepared by our plant is running well and passed the appraisement

          NKC-18 was settled in the million-ton device in Hebei Tian Yuan Chemical Company and the effect was good. The appraisal meeting was held at the Beijing Railway Building organized by the office of Science and Technology of Hebei Province on February 23th, 2012. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Jin from Tsinghua University, the vice-head of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, head Xie Kechang, Counselor of the State Council, National Energy Expert Advisory Committee Xu Dingming, the vice-director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Planning Department, Senior Engineer Liu Yulan etc. had been invited to the appraisal committee, and conducted evaluations on the scientific and technological project called “MTHF experiment with a production of million tons a year”. After serious discussion by experts, agreement was reached that this project technology was in the leading domestic level, and deserved sufficient support and guidance from relevant government departments.

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